Claremont, NH History

1) When was Claremont Settled?

2) When was the Opera House made?

3) How much did it cost?

4) Claremont is on the what river?

5) Settlers dammed the Sugar River and built a gristmill and what?

6) Textiles and paper became important industries in the?

7) What was the Claremont Newspaper called?

8) What year was Stevens High School built?

9) Who is Stevens High School named after?

10) Why is Stevens High School named after him?

11) What is the Style of the Opera House? Italian

12) Who was the architect of the Opera House?

13) Why was the doors at the Opera House closed in 1963? 

14) When was the grand re-opening of the Opera House? 

15) The Moody Building structure was built by the famous Boston architect
16) When was it build?

17) Who Purchased the Moody Building and what year?

18) What was the Moody Building called back in 1895? 

There well be more questions coming soon!
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